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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

he Intel Core 2 Extreme line is designed to release the latest and greatest Intel parts to the enthusiast (big spender) market. These processors carry the latest in processor features including largest cache and highest clock speeds. This is exactly what was delivered with the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650. It's a Penryn core processor, so it features all of the above attributes. It features four cores operating at 3GHz which matches the previous leader, the QX6850. Along with the 3GHz clock comes the, now high-end standard, 1333MHz front-side bus. The QX9650 even features the massive 12MB of L2 cache mentioned above. That's 6MB of shared cache per two connected cores. To support this chip, you will need a fairly new chipset. This will include an NVIDIA 600-series chipset or an Intel P35 or X38 chipset. What type of memory you pair with this chip with will depend on the chipset you chose and which specific motherboard you chose. With the latest Intel board selection, you will have an option of DDR2 memory or DDR3 memory. For my up-coming testing, I have an X38 board from ASUS. I'll debut that system in the next review.